What is the Gilmer Christian Learning Center?

Check out our handy “About” page, it will tell you all you need to know.

How is it Legal?

Cases have been tried all the way to the supreme court determining that Released Time education is legal provided we meet three requirements. 1) It is off campus 2) It is non-compulsory (our students all get a parental permission slip to attend classes) 3) We receive no government funding, we survive completely through the support of generous local churches, businesses and individuals.

What classes are offered?

Approximately 300 students will take either introduction, advanced 1 or Advanced 2, independent study or our new 6th grade classes at the CLC this year.  We offer  intro classes which provides an introduction to Christianity from Creation to Christ and  advanced classes which cover Worldview, Biblical Exegesis and Hermeneutics, and Apologetics. Our new 6th grade class has a curriculum designed specifically for their age and the issues they face.  The Bible is always our primary textbook.

How is it different than my church Youth programs?

It is different in several ways. First, we aren’t a church and don’t want to be, we partner with local churches and hope that all of our students will attend a local church and encourage them to do so. Second, many of them don’t attend church, in fact, over half our students are not affiliated with any church…yet we get to offer them daily Bible education and are allowed to share the Good News of Jesus without restriction. Few youth groups can have such an extended reach. It is our desire to help you, your Youth Group and Church reach out to a needy demographic in a time tested and effective way.

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