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For 30 years the CLC has ministered to high school students exclusively.  We have ministered to over 5,700 students and know that God has changed our county through CLC.  In 2015 we were able to offer classes for the GMS sixth graders for the very first time.   By the end of this school year we will have served over 200 sixth grade students.

It has been our desire for many years to also reach the students at CCMS.  We watch the students that are skeptical, hard hearted, and hurting slowly and gradually open up and become more receptive to the Gospel each day.  We cannot wait to see that happen in Middle School hearts!

Seventh and eighth grade students are experiencing some of their most challenging years.  They are forming ideas about their identity, value, and purpose.  We would love to provide an opportunity for these young students to investigate the Bible for answers to their deepest questions.  Students who have a strong foundation of beliefs will be better students, family members, and friends.  We believe families in Gilmer desire this for their students as well.

We believe now is the time to begin our Capital Campaign to raise the funds necessary to open our CLC at CCMS. We have witnessed God work in miraculous ways in CLC and know that He is moving us to act.  Our Campaign will begin now, December 1st with a matching Funds Drive and will continue throughout the year.  We know that many of you can give financially, many of you can volunteer, and many of you will pray.  We ask that you prayerfully consider how you can be a part of this great plan.


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