The Gilmer Christian Learning Center (CLC) was founded in 1985 through the hard work and dedicated prayers of many local Ellijay men and women. The CLC has been guided by a Board of Directors since it’s inception. The day-to-day staff has included many excellent Directors, teachers and administrative assistants. Past directors include Roger Blankenship, Sid Webb, Travis Crouch, and  Caleb Land. Jennifer Colson is the current Director of the CLC with Kristin Taffin serving beside her as the Assistant Director. Our CLC Ministry Assistant is Lauren Gonzales. Buddy Smith is our high school Intro to CLC teacher. At our middle school location, we have Mrs. Sherri teaching the 6th graders, and Mrs. Jessi Starks ministering to our 7th and 8th graders. Over 6,000 students have been impacted through classes at the CLC during its 35-year history. The CLC currently serves around 600 students per year.


Former Directors Roger Blankenship and Sid Webb:


Staff Shot

Former staff member: Maritza Ray- ESOL teacher, Shirley Crouch-Ministry Assistant, Jennifer Colson-teacher, Travis Crouch- Director

Staff Members (l-r) Telaka Holbrook, Caleb Land and Jennifer Colson

Staff Members (l-r) Telaka Holbrook, Caleb Land, former director and Jennifer Colson