CLC Staff

The purpose of the staff at CLC is to create an environment that rightly exalts the Lord in a manner that greatly influences the future generations of our community to continue in serving one another and Christ. Each job position does this differently, but the goal is still the same–as Psalm 34:3 states, “Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt His Name together.” We as a staff are determined to glorify the Lord in our personal lives as well as professional lives. We each consider our positions to be an honor, and we seek the Lord diligently as He uses us to impact our students.

Jennifer is the Executive Director of the CLC. She was born in Gilmer County and graduated from Gilmer High School in 1998. During her time at GHS, Jennifer took classes at the CLC for 3years and was greatly influenced by her time in the ministry. She went on to get a Bachelor of Art’s degree from the University of North GA. Shortly after receiving her degree, Jennifer accepted the opportunity to be the teacher at the CLC. After faithfully teaching CLC students for12 years, Jennifer was entrusted with the position of Executive Director. The privilege of being a part of the CLC as a student, teacher, and director has provided Jennifer with a remarkable perspective on the mission of the CLC. In every season, she has spent her life serving to share the good news of Jesus with the students of Gilmer County. Jennifer continues to share her love for Jesus and passion for young people with her staff and her students. When Jennifer is not working, she enjoys planning travel adventures with her husband Eric and spending time with her family. She finds joy in the little things like a hot vanilla latte, and a cozy blanket on a chilly evening.  Jennifer is incredibly grateful for our community which has supported the CLC through financial giving and faithful prayer all these years. She feels called to do everything possible to see arising generation of supporters take personal ownership of the mission of the CLC so the work will continue for many more years.

Kristin is the CLC’s Assistant Director. She was born and raised in Gilmer County. She graduated from Gilmer High School in 2002, and she has her TCC in Early Childhood Education and Travel and Tourism. She is currently pursuing  her business degree. Besides being the Assistant Director, Kristin also teaches an Advanced CLC Missions and Outreach course. When she isn’t working, she enjoys cooking, crafting,  and most of all, spending time with her husband, David, and their three sons: Joshua, Nathan, and David. If you need to get in touch with Mrs. Kristin, email her at

Lauren is the Ministry Assistant at the CLC. Lauren loves the mountains, outdoor activities, and spending time with her husband, Josh, and family. Lauren is a 2016 graduate of Gilmer High School who was actively involved track and cheer during her time at GHS. She is now involved with the high school track team by assistant coaching during the season! To contact Lauren, email her at

Keslan is an Ellijay native. She graduated from GHS in 2011, and University of North Georgia in 2016. She worked as the ministry assistant for CLC from 2016-2017, and looks forward to working as an Advanced CLC teacher now. Since taking CLC with Mrs. Jennifer her freshman year of high school, she has always wanted to teach at CLC. She prays this school year is full of growth and encouragement as the Lord continues to use CLC to pour into this community! To contact Keslan, email her at

Buddy is the Intro to CLC teacher. He grew up in Pickens County and is at home in the mountains. The most important thing about Buddy is that he loves God’s Word and he loves to teach it to others, especially high school students who are looking for answers to their questions. He has his bachelor’s degree from Truett-McConnell University in Christian studies with a concentration in Bible and Theology, and he has his master’s degree in Ministry from Temple Baptist Seminary. He also directs the outreach program at his church. He’s been proudly married since 2009 and has one daughter and three sons. Feel free to contact Mr. Buddy via email at

Jessi is the CLC’s 6th, 7th, and 8th grade instructor. She has lived in Gilmer County most of her life. She loves reading, traveling, meeting new people, and spending time with her husband, David, and their children, Adam, Isaac, Amber and Elijah. Jessi helps out with the youth at her church and she wants to make sure every child knows how much God loves them. She loves to show them that the Bible is not a scary book, but it is full of truth and it has all the answers they need for life. To get in touch with Mrs. Jessi, email her at