In Memory Of

Here at CLC, people often choose to donate In Memory of loved ones they have lost. When you do, we make a special point to recognize them. Whenever you read our newsletter, the “In Memory” section is a special place where we recognize individuals who we have received donations in memory of. We take time to thank each donor and to mail a note to the individual’s family to let them know that someone gave to CLC in their honor.

Taking time to recognize the lives and legacies of these amazing individuals is something we never intend on stopping. It is a small gesture that often makes a world of difference for a hurting family.

If you would like to make a donation in memory of someone, simply memo your donation “In Memory Of _______,” and provide us with the name and address (if you have it) of the family member you would like a sympathy card sent to. We will take care of the rest!

If you would like to donate to the CLC in memory of a loved one, please click the link below or mail your donation to P.O. Box 471 Ellijay, GA 30540.

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