We are Thankful!

CLC Sign
God is Faithful.  In Philippians 4:4 we are told to “Rejoice in the Lord always!” In fact, the verse goes on to say “again I will say, rejoice!”  This is a very familiar verse to most of us.  It is a verse that many of us can recite.  It rolls right off our tongues but we never stop to think about it.  At CLC we encounter many students who have nothing to rejoice about.  They face hunger, family difficulties, financial difficulties, illness, and the list goes on.  Maybe you feel the same way our students do.  You may feel as though there is nothing to rejoice about in this life.

CLC is such a special place for students because we are able to share where true joy comes from.  We are able to rejoice in Jesus and share Him with these students.  This life is hard.  If Jesus had not paid it all for us what would we have to rejoice about?  We have an incredible opportunity to share this good news with the students of GHS.  Many of these students have never heard or understood what Jesus did for them personally.  We are able to do this because of your faithfulness.  We are so grateful for your prayers and financial support.  Without you these students would never hear this message of hope.

Last fall we had three students come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and savior.  We have three new brothers in Christ!  We also had one student decide to make a deeper commitment in her walk with Jesus.  There were many students who began reading their Bible daily, several who received a Bible who did not have one, and two more who will be baptized.  There were also countless seeds planted.  God has softened hearts and impacted not only the students who come through our doors but their families as well.  Thank you for supporting our ministry.  Thank you for being faithful.  We praise God for working in the lives of these students.  Now we have new students and new souls to reach!  Please be praying for God to move.