studentsPraise God for the light of His Word! Currently, I’m going through the book of Exodus with my classes. In the Biblical account of God parting the Red Sea, it is said that God’s presence brought darkness upon the Egyptians and light to the Israelites (14:19-20). This reminded me of the spiritual principle that those who oppose God are blinded in unbelief, while those who trust God are given insight into His “treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Col. 2:3). It is my deepest hope that my teaching will serve to shine forth the light of the Gospel and help open the eyes of my students. I pray that they will see and experience the goodness of God and His love for them. While I do my best to demonstrate the trustworthy nature of Scripture, as the famous Augustine once wrote, “I believe in order to understand.” I want my students to have more than head knowledge. I want them to have a personal, life-giving knowledge of Jesus Christ (John 17:3).

As I am getting to know my students better, I can clearly perceive that God’s Word is not falling on deaf ears. Many of the students are eager to learn more. With the others, I trust in the Lord’s promise that His Word will have its effect and not return empty (Is. 55:11). I ask you to join me in the prayer that God will not only speak through me as I teach, but that He will also soften the hearts of the teens listening. As our Lord has said, without Him I can do nothing (John 15:5). I am always careful to present the good news in every lesson. Please ask the Author and Finisher of our faith to confront the students with the reality and eternal significance of the Gospel message. Moreover, for the students who do have a relationship with Christ, pray that they might have the courage to make a stand for Him in the midst of their peers. More than one student has already expressed to me their difficulty in witnessing to friends. Pray that God gives them the words to say as they let their own light shine. May this light fill the earth and those in darkness be delivered from their blindness! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this marvelous work and God bless you for the crucial part that you play as well.