A New Challenge

Published by on January 13th, 2016

We have started a new semester at CLC and have a whole group of new students.  It hurts to say goodbye to last semester’s students, but we love meeting a new group.  Every semester we begin new classes with new students who will experience the love of Jesus with us for an hour and a half five days a week.  It is an incredible privilege and opportunity!

As you know, we are teaching the Bible to sixth grade and high school students as an elective.  Right in the middle of their school day we have the joy of teaching them the truth of Jesus.  Thanks to supporters like you, the CLC has been serving Gilmer students for the last 31 years.  Over 5,500 teens have taken classes at the CLC in those years.

We get questions all the time about the legality of our program.  The CLC is a release time program.  Students are released during their school day to take our class as an elective and they receive school credit.  The Supreme Court  has ruled that our program is legal as long as it is privately funded, located on private property, and serves only students who desire to take the classes.  Our generous supporters have allowed us to own our own property, buses, and building.  We even have property on Clear Creek. When the time is right we will begin serving student at CCMS from that property.  Since we do not receive any funding from Gilmer County Schools, the state of Georgia, or the federal government, we rely solely on the generous support of churches, organizations, businesses, and individuals.

We want to clarify how we are able to do what we do.  This year we wanted to equip you to be able to answer questions about the CLC as you share the mission of the CLC with others.  We would like for each of you to share our ministry with someone.  Consider sharing what we do with a friend, a family member, or your Sunday  School class.  It may even be possible to share your heart for the CLC with your church.  We are always available to come and speak at your church, club, or special gathering as well.  The work will continue at GHS and GMS with your support.  If we are to begin serving the students and families of Clear Creek Middle we will need others to help support through prayer and financial gifts.

After 31 years of reaching high school students we have expanded to offer a 6th grade CLC class because people like you prayed, volunteered, and gave generously. We want to see CLC continue to grow and reach more and more students with the message of Jesus.  We need your help.  Would you consider sharing this great ministry with others?  Thank you for your continued prayers and support.


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Merry Christmas!

Published by on December 1st, 2015



This semester we have seen God move in many ways through CLC.  We have been able to teach and share the love of Jesus with 103 High School Students and 45 sixth grade students.  Each of these students have heard the good news of Jesus Christ.  We have had at least one student come into a relationship with Jesus and many more students who were lost experience Jesus daily.  We pray that the seeds that were planted will continue to be watered.  All of our seniors received a Bible.  None of this would have happened without you.  Thank you for your prayers, for your volunteers, and for your faithful supporters.  Students without hope find the hope of Christ at CLC.  Thank you.

6th Grade News:

It has been an exciting semester with our 6th grade classes!  This semester we have had 45 sixth grade students come through the CLC.  They have been such wonderful kids to work with and have made my job a lot of fun.  These kids are eager to learn about Christ and His word.  I have seen this through their participation in class discussions and their thought provoking questions on different topics we cover.  I only have each of my classes for 9 weeks at a time and just over that short period, I can see a change in many of the students.  I have loved seeing them realize that God has a plan for their lives and that He has made them with unique gifts to use for Him.  When we do prayer requests each day, I am amazed at the hearts these kids have for their friends, families, and world to know Christ.  It is truly a blessing to get to know these kids and to be a part of the CLC, thank you to those of you who support us with your prayers and finances!  You are making a difference!

-Kerri Ann, 6th grade teacher

High School News:

It has been another exciting semester here at the CLC!  As we approach Christmas time, the Class will begin looking at the story of Christ’s death, resurrection and ascension.  This is my favorite  point in the curriculum and the most impactful for the students, because they finally see all messianic prophecies of the Old Testament come together as Jesus fulfills the ultimate purpose of His first advent.  Ad you participate in all the enthusiasm  of Christmas, please pray that these students will be convicted by the Word of God and receive the greatest gift ever given:  everlasting life.  Pray that all distractions are removed and all obstacles are broken down in the lives of these precious teens, so that they will receive the Father’s present to all mankind:  His only begotten Son.  Thank you for all of your support and may God bless you with a very merry Christmas!

-Buddy, high school teacher

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To Proclaim His Name….

Published by on November 16th, 2015

I will give thanks

As Thanksgiving approaches, we want to thank you for supporting us in this great ministry.  Our students are growing up in a world that considers sin righteousness and righteousness sin.  They live in a culture that is hostile to the Gospel and the Word of God.  They are bombarded by temptations all around them.  By supporting the CLC you help provide a voice of truth in the midst of all the noise and chaos  for many who might never hear the truth otherwise.

We have a few more weeks with our current students.  We are burdened for them and long for them to know Jesus and grow closer to Him.  Please pray with us for many of our students to begin a  relationship with Jesus.

We will also be giving all of our senior students a bible as they leave our CLC classes at Christmas.  We will be getting all new students in January but want to make sure those seniors students leaving us have a Bible from CLC.  If you are interested in helping with this financial expense please mark your extra gift “Bibles”.  Thank you for helping us with this important need.

We want to echo Paul by saying to you what he said to the church at Philippi, “I thank my God in all my remembrances of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now (1:3-5).”


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Published by on October 5th, 2015

CLC Mentoring Program

The word Mentor in magazine letters on a notice board


Mentor Training

Saturday, October 24 @ CLC from 1:00-5:00 pm

We are currently accepting applications for mentors and proteges for the 2015-2016 school year.  We hope you will be able to attend this free training. Please feel free to contact Buddy Smith, our Mentor Supervisor, at the CLC office: 706.635.7100 or email buddy@gilmerclc.org

What is Mentoring?

God’s desire is for people to know Him. Person to person, hand to hand, the Bible tells us the story of God revealing himself to us through His Son, and then sending us to bring his message to the world. Mentoring is part of that Biblical process of discipleship in which individuals from older generations build intentional relationships with individuals in emerging generations for the sake of establishing convictions, cultivating character, and building community.

Simply put, young people need adults to come alongside them, to teach them, encourage them, challenge them, promote their growth and maturity, and advocate for them. We want to see young people grow, flourish, and be fruitful in life.


mentor application (1)

student application (1)


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Published by on September 22nd, 2015

IMG_6961 (1)

Ronda Rich, guest speaker and Jennifer Colson, Director of CLC

We want to thank everyone who attended our banquet Thursday, September 17.  It was an incredible night of celebrating all that God has done in and through the ministry of CLC.  We have had many victories in the past 30 years and we are excited about the opportunities in the future.  Our sixth grade class has just begun this year.  We will have almost 100 students attend this class by the end of May. Our High School classes are going strong with more than 200 in attendance this year.  CLC is not maintaining.  We are growing and want to thank you for your support!  Please consider partnering with us in prayer, by volunteering, financially, or by becoming a Christian mentor through our mentor program.  CLC needs you!

We are so thankful for our faithful board members, our table hosts, all those who donated a silent auction item, and the precious students and Global Youth Ministries who served us dinner at the banquet.

We especially want to thank our sponsors. We are so blessed by their generous donations so that everything given goes directly towards ministering to the students of Gilmer County.

Special Thanks to:

 Cartecay Thrift Store

Anthony and Erica Perkins

 Platinum Level 

Melanie and Fred Beasley

Ken and Carol Lively

Gold Level

Doug and Jan Hall

Laura Huster

Loy and Betty Sue Jarrett

Billy and Stephanie Rowe


Whitepath Fabtech Foundations Inc.

Silver Level

Justin and Tabitha Burney

Cartecay United Methodist Church

Median Adult SS Class: Pleasant Grove Baptist Church

Papa’s Pizza

Park Sterling Bank

Bronze Level

Ellijay First United Methodist Church

Ellijay Tire Company

Kiker Wealth Management

Glen and Helen Snider

Sparks Lumber Company

Thank you!!

 Banquet 2015Our CLC students and Global Youth Ministry volunteers who served at our banquet!  What a blessing you all were!

Banquet 2015 (2)

 CLC students!

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